Greetings from the Garden Club of Rogers, Welcome to our website.  We are thrilled to have you drop by for a visit to see all the great things our organization is doing.  Our group here in Rogers, Arkansas, is now 70 members strong and is made up of men and women of all ages and gardening experience levels, from complete novices to master gardeners As you visit our website, you’ll find our GCR projects and committees are the heart and soul of the organization.  They are the place the club’s objectives are met, life-long friends are made, and gardeners are grown. Members pick and choose where they would like to serve.  Some of us engage in civic beautification projects, others teach children about nature, and some dig and pot plants for our highly anticipated annual plant sale.  We meet monthly (except January, July & August) for our general meetings.  Our meetings include great programs and speakers, catered lunches, horticulture reports, and plant and magazine pass-alongs.  Between meetings we enjoy inspiring garden tours,  attend workshops, and participate in projects, to attain our goals of educating and beautifying our city.  Due to the COVID restrictions we are currently unable to plan our meetings out for the entire year as normal, but for the most current information please contact us. Recently the Garden Club of Rogers celebrated its 90th birthday. It is with great pride and satisfaction we join this long line of gardeners who have made our community more beautiful, conservation methods more common, and protecting our native plants and trees more desirable. I encourage you to “thumb” through our website and check out our schedule of events below to learn more about our club. We hope you enjoy your time with us so much that you will want to join in as we continue growing in Northwest Arkansas.

Come join the fun! Marge Leonard President 2017-2021 Garden Club of Rogers