Our Club’s Objectives

To stimulate the knowledge and the love of gardening among our members and others in the Rogers area.  To encourage civic beauty and roadside beautification.  To aid in the protection of native trees, plants and wildlife. To cooperate with other agencies to further interest in horticulture and conservation, and to disseminate information.

Leadership Team for 2021-2022

Elected Officers:

Laynette Riley, President
Gail Wright, Vice President
Sharon Brinley, Treasurer
Kathy Spann, Recording Secretary
Ginger Fisher, Corresponding Secretary

Other Officers:

Marge Leonard, Advisor
Sherrie Eoff, Parliamentarian

The officers listed above constitute the Executive Board.

Committee Chairmen

Awards, Sherrie Eoff
Communications, Anita Gordon
Civic Beautification, Elizabeth Pier Smith
Fire Station Planters, Marge Leonard
Garden of the Month, Debi Chapman
Garden Tours, Carol McCutcheon
Horticulture, Sherrie Eoff
Membership, Diana Blas
National Garden Week, Debbie Main
Newsletter Editor, Kelly English
Plant Sale, Gail Wright
Programs, Gail Wright
Publicity/Photography, Marge Leonard
Recycling, Sue Mank
Scholarship, Sherrie Eoff
Social, Kelly English
Ways & Means, Marj Nelson
Website/Social Media, Kelly English
Yearbook, Cindy Beam
Youth Contest, Robin Catagnus
Youth Gardening, Sherrie Eoff

Special Committees Chairmen

Auditing, Sue Mank
Budget, Sharon Brinley
By-laws, Sherrie Eoff
Historian, Marge Leonard

All of the above members constitute the Board of Directors.