Projects & Events

Continuing Projects

Botanical Garden of the Ozarks:  Fayetteville, AR:  GCR provides financial support to the Botanical Garden of the Ozarks.  The garden’s purpose is to provide educational, entertainment and recreational opportunities for students, residents and visitors to increase their appreciation of the native and natural ecosystem of the Ozarks. This donation helps all of NW Arkansas and all visitors  benefit from this garden and its mission.

Cambridge Park Cleanup, Rogers, AR:  GCR partners with the Rogers Parks Department to keep one mile of the Cambridge Park bike and walking trail litter-free each month.  The club endeavors to lead by example in community cleanup.  Phyllis Stair, Chairman 

Garden Of The Month:  Rogers, AR:  GCR recognizes non-member local residents for creating and maintaining exceptional gardens. The club awards a winner each month from May through September with a GCR gift, and a Bradford Yard Living + Landscaping gift certificate.  In addition the recognized gardener receives a yard sign, publicity and personal recognition at a GCR general meeting that includes a free lunch. The program is designed to encourage residents to improve the value of their homes and make their neighborhoods and communities a better place to live through gardening.  Jeanie Cozens, Chairman

Garden Therapy:  Rogers, AR:  GCR provides garden therapy once a month at the Apple Blossom Retirement Community.  Therapy includes hands-on garden related projects that residents participate in as a group.  Residents  learn, share and visit with their neighbors and with club members. Marcia Kroupa, Chairman

Keeta Arnold Memorial Horticulture Scholarship:  Rogers, AR:   GCR sponsors the Keeta Arnold Memorial Horticulture Scholarship. The purpose of the scholarship is to offer financial aid to students majoring in horticulture related subjects. This scholarship honors the memory of long time garden club member, mentor, high school counselor, teacher and gardener, Keeta Arnold. The scholarship is awarded yearly in the amount of $1,500 and is available to college juniors, seniors, and graduate students pursuing a master’s degree.  Student must be attending an accredited college or university, be a legal resident of Arkansas, be attending school full-time, and have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.25.  Deadline for application is Jan. 1, 2020. For complete rules and applications please contact our committee chairman Sherrie Eoff, (479) 903-5389, or at or apply online at:

National Garden Week June 7-13, 2020:  Rogers, AR:  GCR celebrates National Garden Week by promoting the love of gardening through floral design and educating members and the public about civic and environmental  responsibility.  Members create floral designs to share with many local organzations that include the Rogers Adult Wellness Center, Highlands Oncology Group, Ronald McDonald House, Mercy Hospital Emergency Room and main reception, Rogers Activity Center, Rogers Public Library, Center for Non-Profits, Wound Care Center, and the Rogers/Lowell Chamber of Commerce.  The club also provides the Ronald McDonald House a gift basket of items from its wish list.  And, of course, garden tours are also part of the celebration.  New additions for the 2020 National Garden Week will include two public workshops.  Details TBA.   Debbie Main, Chairman

Native Butterfly Garden:  Historic Downtown Rogers, AR:  GCR has partnered with the City of Rogers and the NWA Master Naturalists to install and maintain a butterfly garden. It includes only native plants that are host to and nectar sources for 13 different butterflies, that come through Arkansas. The project’s goal is to educate the public on both the butterflies and their host plants in a natural setting. This garden also beautifies the downtown area. Phyllis Stair & Ronna Precure, Co-Chairmen

Ozark Natural Science Center:  Madison County, AR:  GCR provides financial support to the Ozark Natural Science Center.  Its mission is to enhance the understanding, appreciation, and stewardship of the Ozark natural environment.  All 5th graders in Benton, Washington and Carroll Counties attend a two-day, two-night environmental studies camp. More than 45,000 children have already benefited from this program. The club’s donation helps to fill the gap between the fee schools can pay for each student and the actual cost for them to attend this non-profit camp.

Plant Sale Fundraiser:  Rogers, AR:  The annual plant sale is GCR’s major fundraiser and is conducted every spring.  Besides raising necessary operating funds it also  provides local gardeners the opportunity to purchase tried-and-true perennials from members’ gardens.  The funds raised through the sale allow the club to achieve its objectives, provide support to other organizations with similar objectives and to participate in the many gardening projects listed here.  Sherrie Eoff, Chairman

President’s Project:  Rogers, AR:  The current president chose to plant flower pots at three Rogers Fire Stations as her signature project.  Members change out the flowers in the fall and again in the spring. The firemen and city will benefit from the added beauty and from knowing that they are appreciated.  Marge Leonard, President

Recycling: Rogers, AR:  GCR along with Rogers residents, Highland Oncology Group, and our youth gardeners collect aluminum can pop tabs. Monies earned from the sale of the aluminum benefit the Ronald McDonald House rooms at Mercy Hospital, providing housing, food and other items for families of patients who stay there. Benefits also reach other communities in Arkansas and Oklahoma that Mercy Hospital supports.  Sue Mank, Chairman

Tower Park, Rogers, AR:  For many years GCR has maintained two flower beds at Tower Park.  This committee recently redesigned and replanted these beds using only native plants.  The newest adoption is a raised bed in this park which has also been planted with native plants.  These efforts provide an attractive and educational park that benefits the entire community.   Phyllis Stair, Chairman

Youth Gardening:  Pre-K Center, Rogers, AR:  GCR supports Youth Gardening throughout the year through presentations and hands-on training programs. Topics include litter and recycling, butterflies, pollinators, mason bees, caterpillars, bird feeders, chia people and worm composting.  All classes at the Pre-K Center benefit by learning about nature and the environment.  Sherrie Eoff, Chairman

Youth Environmental Education Contests:  Rogers, AR:  GCR sponsors Youth Environmental Education Contests that encourage children to take a personal role in preventing wild fires, and conserving natural resources. The club invites schools to participate and disseminates contest rules, judges entries, presents awards and then forwards winning entries on to the Arkansas Federation of Garden Clubs, South Central Region Clubs and National Garden Clubs, levels of the contests.  Contests include a local Smokey Bear & Woodsy Owl poster drawing contest for grades 1-5, a bird poster drawing contests for grades Pre-K-12,  and a recycled sculpture contest for grades 4-8.   Judy Long, Chairman

Garden Events

Kokedama Workshop:  The workshop on this Japanese art form of growing plants will be held in January at the Eoff barn.  Sherrie Eoff, Chairman

Garden Tours:  GCR schedules several garden tours throughout the year for members to enjoy.  Debi Chapman, Chairman

Plant Swap:  Club members meet once a year for a plant swap and potluck get-together.  Rules are simple:  bring one plant, take one plant, bring two, take two, etc., with a limit of five.  Sherrie Eoff, Chairman

Pass Along Plants:   GCR members may bring their excess plants, seeds or cuttings to the monthly general meetings that they wish to  pass along to other members.   Sherrie Eoff, Chairman

Pass Along Magazines:  GCR members may bring their gently used, preferably garden-related, magazines to the monthly general meeting that they wish to share with other members.  This is one more way members can recycle. Sherrie Eoff, Chairman